A First Timers Guide to Some Infertility Basics

So you need some answers about infertility. A big subject. We will cover some basics in this article to get you off in the right direction.

· A couple is not considered infertile unless they have been unable to achieve pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected sex. Frequency of sex needs to be at least three times a week. If the woman is over 35 the time period is 6 months.

· Male factor, female factor and combined male and female factor all contribute to infertility. It is female only about 45% -50% of the time.

· An easy first step is a sperm test. Done at home or at the doctor.

· 40 million total sperm need to be present for a male to be considered fertile.

· Sperm will also be checked for shape (morphology) and swimming ability (motility).

· Women need to be aware of their health history and how it may affect their fertility.

· Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes can be the result of a pelvic inflammatory disease.

· Endometriosis, PCOS and general ovulation disorders are a sign of possible fertility problems.

There are some things a couple can control when trying to get pregnant. Not paying attention to these can also contribute to infertility.

· Frequency of sex must be three times per week or more
· Take care not to use a sexual lubricant that has spermicide
· A warm crotch area can lower sperm counts. Wear boxers instead of briefs.
· Sperm counts have been shown to be higher in the mornings. Wake up a little earlier.
· Lifestyle issues such as: alcohol or drug abuse, fatigue, smoking, excess weight, stress and general overall health are in play.

One last factor that is important and somewhat under a couple’s control is age. Women over 35 generally have a more difficult time conceiving that younger women. As a woman gets older her egg supply dwindles and the health of the eggs deteriorates. If you can start younger by all means do. If you are over 35 do not despair. Both of my children were born with their mother over 35 and there are plenty of medical and alternative treatments available to you if you need them. Sincere wishes for your family building success.